Oli Sansom / Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Wedding Lil & Jake

"We wouldn't have chosen any other photographer other than Oli Sansom to photograph our 'Boogiewed'.

When we ventured to my old studio Castor & Pollux in the suburb of Cremorne on dark & rainy week night a month before the big day, we unexpectedly announced unto him that we wanted him to cover the entire day..... on expired film. When he asked us if we should at least have some digital back up just in case things went sour or a camera broke, we said with no doubt in our minds, no thank you. We trusted his magical skills 100%. 

When Oli rocked up a few hours earlier on the day, fresh off a plane from Canada, having had just two hours sleep and needing to leave again at 10pm to get back on a plane to Italy, I poured him a berocca and a hydralite with a champagne, I felt for the guy. I knew he would have been feeling the pressure, anxiety, adrenaline from lack of sleep, but mostly, 'jeez I hope these old cameras work'. As a wedding photographer, I don't think I would ever agree to cover someones wedding day on a bunch of old film cameras. 

Even when we discovered in the morning that my Pentax 67 that I bought from New York years back was entirely broken and unusable, and when his autofocus Canon failed as I was walking down the aisle, Oli didn't flinch.

When our Dj rocked up 40 mins late without his mixer, sending our entire timeline into a frazzle, Oli had a mere 20 minutes to take our 'bridal' portraits.

Oli has, as expected, f**king nailed our photos, and completely blown us away. Every photo is a work of art. Oli is an incredible artist that just happens to shoot weddings, and we are so lucky that he agreed to photograph ours. 

We cried when we saw these incredible portraits of our friends and especially their babies & children, and will cherish theses photos of our dearly beloved, forever.

We hope you enjoy the magical artistic skills of Oli's, that no one else could have captured, except him. 

We love you so so much Oli. We cannot believe what you have done for us, we never expected something like this.. You will always be an inspiration to me. 

We have so much love for all of you that came to celebrate with us, so so much. 

Love Lilli & Jake xxxx"