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Say hello. Let's work together.


uses deodorant, turns up on time.

This is likely the first, and last time you'll hire an artist of any kind, and it's a jungle out there. 

I'm interested in giving you proof of the real stuff: the quirky signs of life between you and your partner/friends/pet goat, or your nephew navigating the subtle roller-coster of pensive emotions that is deep nasal-cavity exploration in the middle of your speeches. 

Yes - Justin Beliebe it - i'm also there to generate blackmail leverage for future 18th birthdays. #holistic

You'll still get all the stuff your counsel might suggest you need too: the kiss shot, details, etc. When I turn up, i'm on, and incredibly invested in making the best art both for and with you.

Don't take my word for it, read what some folk have had to say here.

Love is bright, dark, simple, confusing, round and obtuse. Lets make proof of this muddled magic together. Based in Australia, half of my time is divided between here, and everywhere else all over the world, so send me an email.



2016 - Rangefinder New York - Category winner
2015 - Rangefinder New York - Top 30 Rising Stars
2015 - Teds Master
2014 - Capture Emerging Photographer of the Year winner (overall)
2014 - Capture Emerging Photographer of the Year winner (portrait)
2014 - Capture Emerging Photographer of the Year finalist (wedding)
2014 - Capture Emerging Photographer of the Year finalist (journalism)
2014 - Rangefinder new York -  Finding the Light - winner
2013 - Atom Awards (AUS) music video of the year
2013 - American Photographic Association - music video of the year
2013 - Moran Photographic Prize (AU) - Semi Finalist


Video by Moon House for their "Life of the Artist" series


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frequently asked questions

How many images will I receive?
Depending on how crazy things get, usually 500-700. The number can vary depending on how many guests there are, and a few other factors.

Do you edit the images? 
Every. Single. One. 

Will they be watermarked?
You get all the edited images, at full size, ready for printing wherever you like (and through me if you wish), without ugly watermarks, because it's not 1998 anymore. 

Do you offer albums?
Yes. Incredible quality art-books that display the images much in the same way I capture them - with a focus on considered storytelling. These are made by Australia’s best family-owned lab individually by hand after being designed by myself in collaboration with you, and are available as an add-on to all base-coverage in my price-sheet.

Do you bring another photographer?
No, and I don't think it's really necessary in most cases - but if you want it, it's an option in my price list. I've photographed weddings of up to 180 guests by myself, and up to 500 guests with an additional photographer. My suggestion is that if there are beyond 150 guests, that it's considered as an optional add-on, just to make sure we capture a larger number of guests.

I'm really not into the posey stuff... 
Luckily, i'm not into it either (unless you want to, and that's perfectly ok)! You'll get images that show you for who you are, and not as a fashion contortionist. Unless you *are* a fashion contortionist, in which case, contort away, you are the subject of my rigid spines envy.

Our budget is X. Can you budge just a little?
I collaborate with just 15 couples per year, which allows me to give an extraordinary level of care and attention, and presentation above and beyond the standard. Unfortunately this also affords me little wiggle room for meeting budgets. I think it sucks too :(. If your budget is less, please still get in touch, and i'll happily reach out and connect you with someone awesome and available who can meet your budget so as to save you a hard long night with whiskey & google. 

Can we meet in person first?
I encourage everyone to meet in person, and as often as needed in the lead-up. In-person hangs are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Prahran, anytime of day or the evening, so you can fit it in after work. 



What's a first look?
The "first look" is part of every wedding i've shot in or around the US. Strangely, it hasn't really made it's way to other parts of the world. It involves the two of you seeing each other for the first time, alone, and you can then carry on into your portrait session before the ceremony.
A great way to get a bit of precious extra time together on the day, and contrary to what anyone might tell you, not daggy in the least.

If being dragged away from your crew for portraits doesn't sound appealing to you, this could be just what the doctor ordered.

About that whole unplugged thing
This is your shindig, and while as a timestamp I think it's great to see iPad photos being taken over the rest of the day, having an unplugged ceremony and all your friends and family's eyes present might just be one of the better things you can do for yourselves. I don't have rules here, but it's something to consider for yourselves.

Can you recommend me a videographer? 
I can. I recommend C2 Films, and Humdrum films. You want folks that capture things naturally without bringing more gear than Lance to a Tour De France, and these guys are master storytellers, hilarious, and the finest of chaps to boot. I work best when things are let to unfold naturally, and not turned into a directed hollywood set, so it's an important consideration both for you and for me. If neither of these guys are available, I'm able to offer guidance.

What about a band?
On the covers end of the dial, these guys blow everything I've seen out of the water. Wonderfully interactive, tasteful, insanely talented crew. Look nowhere else: Like This

Do you travel?
I've been lucky enough to have photographed weddings in Italy, Germany, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. I'm always keen to add to that list, and there's ways and means of making it happen. The general requirement is flights and two nights accommodation (a broom cupboard will do, i'm not super picky, I once slept around a door which was a little bizarre, but a room would be extra nice). Drop me a line :).

Do you take photos of other things? 
I do - and you can take a look at www.olisansom.com and in keeping with my love of capturing and documenting people, my other projects, www.mannequintalks.com and www.homewardboundprojects.com.au - for commercialy photography when i'm not shooting love on a weekend, I run This That Them.