Documentary-style wedding photography, captured just as it should be: naturally. From where you are, then made in Melbourne, with love. 

A little about me

I started as an illustrator, then moved to advertising and creative direction, before finding photography, and now apply the same obsessive interest in art, innovation, and detail to something I (or probably anyone else) perhaps never thought I would: weddings.

I’ve found it a wonderful space to make art and create a compelling narrative through image, that means something to real people and only increases in value as time passes.

The whole while along, i've pegged myself as an artist, as a craftsman, and as someone then applying this to weddings. The game has changed, the rules are finally being broken.

When you hire me, you're not hiring a "wedding photographer": you're hiring an artist, a craftsman, one who will come along, hang out with you unobtrusively, kick some serious creative ass, and produce compelling art for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Since i’ve started, I’ve been invited to shoot weddings and talk about photography from Australia, to New Zealand, New York, Italy, Germany, and more, from old castles, German hamlets, and intimate suburban backyards. 

Wherever there's good people, good times, and good stories, i'm in.




How many images will I receive?
Depending on how crazy things get, usually
400-600. The number can vary depending on how many guests there are, and a few other factors.

Do you edit the images?
Every. Single. One. And I love putting a lot of energy into working up the portraits, especially (there's my background in art coming out).  

Will they be watermarked?
You get all the edited images, at full size, ready for printing wherever you like (and through me if you wish), without ugly watermarks. 

Do you offer albums?
Yes. Incredible quality art-books that display the images much in the same way I capture them - with a focus on considered storytelling.

Do you bring another photographer?
No, and I don't think it's really necessary in most cases - but if you want it, it's an option in my price list. I've photographed weddings of up to 180 guests by myself, and up to 500 guests with an additional photographer. My suggestion is that if there are beyond 150 guests, that it's considered as an optional add-on, just to make sure we capture a larger number of guests.

I'm really not into the posey stuff... 
Luckily, i'm not into it either (unless you want to, and that's perfectly ok)! You'll get images that show you for who you are, and not as a fashion contortionist. 

Our budget is X. Can you budge just a little?
I take on far less shoots per year than most, which affords me going about producing your images the way I like - so for this and other reasons, unfortunately no discounts are available. If your budget is less, please still get in touch and i'll happily try and find someone awesome that can meet it so as to save you a hard long night with whiskey & google. 

Can you recommend me a videographer? 
I can. I recommend C2 Films, and Humdrum films. You want folks that capture things naturally without bringing more gear than Lance to a Tour De France, and these guys are master storytellers, hilarious, and the finest of chaps to boot. I work best when things are let to unfold naturally, and not turned into a directed hollywood set, so it's an important consideration both for you and for me. If neither of these guys are available, I'm able to offer guidance.

What about a band?
On the covers end of the dial, these guys blow everything I've seen out of the water. Wonderfully interactive, tasteful, insanely talented crew. Look nowhere else: Like This

Do you travel?
I've been lucky enough to have photographed weddings in Italy, Germany, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. I'm always keen to add to that list, and there's ways and means of making it happen. The general requirement is flights and two nights accommodation (a broom cupboard will do, i'm not super picky, I once slept around a door which was a little bizarre, but a room would be extra nice). Drop me a line :). PS, if you're getting married in Antarctica, I'll shoot it for free. 

Do you take photos of other things? 
I do - and you can take a look at Much of my experiments with other types of photography ends up inspiring something new for my wedding images. 


It all starts with an email. 


I'd love to chat about your day, and how I go about capturing natural candids and beautiful, simple portraits. 

Some couples like to come down to my local in Prahran, others like to Skype, and then some like to take care of it all over email.

Take a look through my pricelist here and drop me a line below if you feel we could make something glorious together. 

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